We Can be a Mosaic and Still Liberty Minded



What if I told you we could take a page from Canada’s book? With all of the division in the United States we can be a mosaic of cultures.

We like to refer to ourselves as a melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and even genders. But still we have division between different groups saying “this shouldn’t happen” or “that isn’t natural”. But if the United States was a true melting pot, we would all get along regardless. But since we can’t, why not be a mosaic. That is how Canada refers to themselves. This would allow us to separate from groups that you choose not to affiliate with while still allowing them their personal freedoms. This also will avoid stereotyping. Why don’t we just let Muslims, Mexicans, LGBT, etc. do their own thing and be who they want to be without persecution and without stripping their rights? Then groups may split off from themselves and you will realize the group affiliation may have been wrong. Moderate Muslims will split from, and probably even fight the radicals. Hardworking Mexicans will split from “illegal, welfare stealing” Mexicans. (The quotes are there to show that a person is not illegal by nature) But if you choose to only associate with this group or that group, don’t take the rights away from the ones that you choose not to associate with. Accept who you want but respect all persons living in the United States of America.