6 Podcasts To Help You Win More Facebook Arguments


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Do you enjoy getting in politically charged Facebook arguments with complete strangers? Do you like to sound smarter than you really are? And do you also hate to read, while showing a healthy distrust of the mainstream media? Of course you do. Here’s a few podcasts to help you squash your friends Bernie boner at your next cookout.


The Jason Stapleton Program


Former Marine Jason Stapleton spent years as a marine, traveling the world.  During his time abroad, Jason learned about foreign exchange currency trading. After leaving the military, he created his company’s “Trade Empowered” and “Main Street Alpha” to help train people on how to trade foreign currency.  

His show, which airs daily, discusses current political and economic topics both at home and around the world, he has interviewed guests like Tom Woods and Thomas Massie. A clear and effective communicator, Jason seamlessly breaks down common arguments brought forth by liberals


The Tom Woods Show


There are few people who hold as much influence within the liberty movement as Tom Woods.  The Harvard and Columbia educated senior fellow of the “Ludwig Von Mises Institute” has written numerous books about political thought and history.

A staple for many libertarians, “The Tom Woods Show” is his daily podcast. Woods discusses a wide range of topics; from history and economics, to foreign affairs.  His engaging show has over 900 episodes, so chances are he’s addressed whatever topic you’re looking to learn about.


Free Thoughts

Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus, “Free Thoughts” is a weekly podcast that takes an in-depth look at libertarianism.  What makes this podcast unique is that it takes a more academic look at current issues. Instead of talking about markets, for example, the podcast talks about markets while citing and explaining academic journals that deal with markets. This podcast is perfect for anyone who really wants to sound impressive on Reddit.


Cato Daily Podcast


Hosted by Caleb Brown, and featuring various “Cato Institute” fellows, this daily podcast is perfect for those with a short attention span. Most episodes are under 20 minutes and focus on a single topic, delivered in a clear, concise fashion.


Johnny Rocket Launch Pad-Libertarian Rock ‘n Roll Experience



Probably the most entertaining liberty podcast around, Johnny Rocket combines libertarian thought with humor, alcohol, and terrible language. Definitely not safe for work, the Seattle based podcast sounds more like an edgy morning show than a political podcast.


Excursions into Libertarian Thought



The complete opposite of Johnny Rocket, George H. Smith’s podcast discusses the history of libertarianism, giving you a great foundation of libertarian philosophy.  These episodes are also short, generally running about 15 minutes.


Contra Krugman


Paul Krugman is an economist, professor, and columnist for the New York Times, best known for winning the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2008 for his work associated with “New Trade Theory.” Since then he has made some outlandish claims, famously claiming that the internet would be irrelevant by 2005.

This guy won a Nobel Prize.


“Contra Krugman,”  the podcast by Bob Murphy and Tom Woods, is a weekly podcast dedicated to breaking down a tweet, statement, article, or essay by Krugman.  The aim of the show is to teach us about economics by refuting a Keynesian.




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