The Libertarian Party Looks to the Future



Coming off a 2016 Presidential election that saw the Johnson/Weld ticket receive almost 4.5 million votes, the largest third party in America has wasted no time planning for the future, and last week, they began the long process of planning for their 2020 convention.


Dear State Chairs,

For many years the LNC has heard requests from various state parties that they would like to have their state considered as a location for a LP National Convention and now you will have an opportunity to do so!

The Convention Oversight Committee finalized the RFP for the 2020 LP National Convention during our meeting last night and would like to share it with those state parties that would like to help with the effort to locate the site` for what should be a historic convention.

LP Operations Director Robert Kraus (Redacted) is leading the site search at this time. If your state party chooses to participate in this effort please contact him for further details.

At the least you should expect to be asked to contact convention bureaus in your state to determine what sites might meet the RFP requirements and would want to bid on our convention. You should be willing to scout those sites in person for suitability. It would be helpful if there were people on your committee who have attended a couple LP National Conventions (including a POTUS Convention).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Live Free,

Sam Goldstein

LNC Member at Large

Convention Oversight Committee


The Libertarian National Committee’s  “Convention Committee” hopes to have all prospective destinations submit an RFP by the end of business Monday.  So far, state parties that are known to have submitted an RFP include Washington and Iowa.  The LNC hopes to have a list of semi-finalists by the middle of July, before naming 3-5 finalists the first week of August.  The 3-5 finalists will then be invited to give their presentations at the next National Committee meeting the weekend of 8/19-8/20.